Location: Preston County

In August of 1933 Eleanor Roosevelt visited the impoverished coal town of Scotts Run, located north of Morgantown, WV. Almost immediately afterwards, Eleanor, President Roosevelt, and their advisor Louis Howe set forth the plan to resettle the community 15 miles away on what was then known as the Arthur Farm, located in Preston County. Originally called “The Reedsville Project” In 1934 Arthurdale was born when the first settlers moved to the town. Sometimes referred to as Eleanor’s Little Village, the New Deal town would eventually home 165 homestead houses, schools and factories. The town partook in agriculture and husbandry, practices that can still be seen if you visited now. 

Today, Arthurdale Heritage Inc. uses its location to teach visitors about the New Deal and the settlement. Buildings like the Center Hall complex, the Forge, the Administration Building, the Esso Station and the E-15 Wagner Homestead allow visitors to see firsthand what it would have been like to live in a New Deal Settlement. Arthurdale Heritage Inc. also operates the New Deal Homestead Museum where visitors can always learn more.

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