Topic 3| State Forests and Parks

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Topic 3 | State Forests and Parks

One of the most impactful legacies of New Deal programs in West Virginia and the work of the CCC is our system of Parks and Forests. West Virginia can be Wild and Wonderful because of their work.  West Virginia is 78 percent forest (12 million acres), and 7 percent park, the third most forested state in the nation. Because of the history of extractive industries in the state, most of our forest is growth, planted by the “Tree Army” and by other conservation efforts in the state.

  1. Cacapon Resort State Park
  2. Lost River State Park
  3. Kumkabrow State Forest
  4. Watoga State Park
  5. Babcock State Park
  6. Hawk Nest State Park
  7. Holly River State Park
  8. Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park
  9. Cabwaylingo State Forest
  10. Kanawha State Forest
  11. Coopers Rock State Forest
  12. Seneca State Forest

For more information:

  1. Multi Property Listing of New Deal State Parks NRHP listing