Region 2 | South

Region 2 | South

Region 2 of the West Virginia Historic New Deal Trail consists of 15 counties and features a total of 11 sites. Predominately featuring camps and state parks, Region 2 offers visitors many opportunities to explore the region’s New Deal era historic assets outside among the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Click on the links below to find out more about the New Deal sites in Region 2.

  1. Camp Caesar
  2. Blue Bend Recreation Area
  3. Watoga State Park
  4. Babcock State Park
  5. Hawk’s Nest State Park
  6. Camp Washington Carver
  7. Holly River State Park
  8. Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park
  9. Seneca State Forest
  10. Gassaway Municipal Building/City Hall
  11. Sutton Community Building