Topic 2 | CCC Camps

Topic 2 | CCC Camps

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was one of the first agencies created by Franklin D. Roosevelt when he came into office. CCC Camps started popping up in the state soon after, first in Tucker and Randolph Counties. Each Camp in West Virginia housed 200 men, all of which were supervised by army or naval officers and taught conservation practices. All of the Parks in West Virginia were assisted by “CCC boys” and some parks nearly entirely replanted due to the legacy of the timber industry in the state. Over 55,000 youth participated in the CCC while it was active in West Virginia from 1933 till 1942.  However, more than conservation efforts, the CCC also assisted West Virginia with some much needed infrastructure building, helping out towns by providing labor to build offices, municipal buildings and bridges. 

  1. The West Virginia CCC Museum
  2. Camp Horseshoe YMCA/ Camp Lead Mine
  3. Camp Caesar
  4. Stuart Recreation Area
  5. Blue Bend Recreation Area
  6. Camp Carver Washington
  7. Camp Marshall and Tomlinson Run State Park