Gassaway Municipal Building/City Hall

Location: Braxton County

Built upon a Large Farm, Gassaway got its name from the U.S. senator Henry Gassaway Davis. Located in Braxton County, the town saw a boom in population as the Coal & Coke Railroad ran through the town. That being said, the town fell victim to the economic decline brought on by the Great Depression like any other. 

In the 1940s the WPA took interest in the town, and took up the project of building a Municipal building for the town. Finished in 1941, the building originally housed the Mayor’s Office, the Police Department, the Council’s Chambers, a fire department and a public library. While it does not house all of these services now, it is still in use by the town, and also houses a large auditorium that is used for community functions and recreational events. The facade of the building is sandstone, while the interior is made of brick, providing the building with exceptionally thick walls. The property also contains a public park on the west side of the building where residents and visitors alike can enjoy the green space of Gassaway and the view of the historic town.

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