Camp Washington Carver

Location: Fayette County

This African American 4-H Camp in 1939-42 served 200 to 1600 youth and was “the first of its kind in the entire nation”. Located in Fayette County, the CCC Boys who worked here helped reforest much of the southern part of the state including the nearby Babcock State Park. The lodge, log cottage and dorms are built of locally fashioned hardwood and native stone. Along with the grounds and ponds, these survive as one of WV’s most ambitious WPA projects. The Great Chestnut Lodge is the largest log building in the state built entirely of chestnut. Because chestnut stands were destroyed by uncontrolled blighting in the 1930’s the materials of the buildings become increasingly valuable with age. In 1949, the name changed to Camp Washington-Carver in honor of two prominent African Americans, Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver. The camp integrated in 1960. The site hosts events, musical concerts and the Appalachian String Band Music Festival. (NRHP 1980)

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