Tygart Valley Homesteads

Valley Bend Homesteads 1935

Location: Randolph County

The Tygart Valley Homesteads of Dailey, East Dailey and Valley Bend were built in 1934-5 in Randolph County. 198 homes were created and housed former coal miners, lumber workers and their families. These families were given 1.75 to 2.5 acres of land for their own personal farming, in hopes that they would become self-sustaining. Similarly, these communities had their own lumber mill and rock quarry which provided work for the residents and materials for the town.

When the government officially ended the ‘project’ that was the Tygart Valley Homestead communities, the residents were able to pay back their loans in full in part due to the sale of the town’s lumber mill. Due to this, the communities today remain largely intact with descendants still living in their homestead houses. Now run by the Tygart Valley Homestead Association, they have worked hard to create trails for visitors and restore the community’s buildings, such as the Homestead School. In 2019 the community celebrated its 80th anniversary.

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Tom Rennix, President of the Tygart Valley Homestead Association, was the winner of one of the 2018 Preservation Persistence Awards at the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia’s Historic Preservation Conference.