Tygart Valley Homesteads

Valley Bend Homesteads 1935


Tygart Valley Homesteads: Dailey, East Dailey and Valley Bend were built in 1934-35 for workers laid off from local mining and lumbering jobs. Successful applicants were selected with “homesteaders” working for credit towards their homes and for actual pay.

A new school was constructed and was recently closed by the county board of education but has since been re-opened by a nonprofit organization as a community enter. In Dailey there are several structures extant: trade center, store, post office and fire department with many homes remaining in Valley Bend and East Dailey. At the end of the project, Tygart Valley paid back the initial loans in full to the U.S. government along with a profit from the sale of the lumber mill. Today the community remains largely intact with descendents of many homesteaders still living in the communities, although infill homes have sprung up on the once 2-3 acre homesteads. (listed NRHP 2004)

For more information, see http://www.wvculture.org/goldenseal/summer05/tygart.html

Tom Rennix, President of the Tygart Valley Homestead Association, was the winner of one of the 2018 Preservation Persistence Awards at the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia’s Historic Preservation Conference.