USDA Building/Supervisor’s Office

Location: Randolph County

The USDA Building, dedicated in 1937, marks the start of many WPA projects in the state and highlights the increasing importance of the Department of Agriculture and the Forest Service in the New Deal Era. The building housed offices for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and many other New Deal programs taking place throughout West Virginia. The building itself is a very impressive three-story Neo-Classical rectangular building made of red brick with stone trim.


Located in Elkins, Randolph County, the building was built nearly entirely with labor from CCC workers. Further work from the WPA can be seen in the murals present in the reception and  entrance area of the building by notable WPA artist, Stevan Donahos. The building is part of the Wees Historical District in Elkins which encompases Randolph and South Randolph Avenues, Sycamore Street (where the USDA Building is located), Diamond Street and Boundary and Terrace Avenues.

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