Babcock State Park

Location: Fayette County

Present-day Babcock State Park was heavily impacted by timbering, coal mining, forest fires and drought during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. Babcock Coal and Coke Company donated 2,000 acres of land for redevelopment. Camp Beaver and Camp Lee were established to develop both Babcock and Hawk’s Nest as parks in Fayette County. Each had about 200 men, their own infirmary, kitchen, barracks and heavy equipment. The camps were located about two miles from the park entrance so they commuted in trucks even in bitter temperatures. Amenities credited to the enrollees include the stone administration building, the dam on Glade Creek, log rental cabins, picnic areas, game courts and other recreational facilities as well as roads and trails. Italian stonemasons from the Fayetteville area worked here.

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