Gilmer County

The benefits that the New Deal brought to Gilmer County can still be seen today. Identified by their original PWA markings and plaques, improvements include sidewalks, retaining walls, Glenville State College buildings such as Louis Bennett Hall, the county jail and garage, other educational and maintenance projects and even privies.

gilmer co. rec centerFunding also assisted the following bridges: the Shock pony truss, Grandcamp Road slab, Troy, Finn Creek in Troy, the Stumptown, Gilmer Station and the Tanner Rigid frame bridge. The National Youth Administration (NYA) granted scholarships to local high schools and Glenville State College, as well as provided job opportunities.

The CCC also provided employment for over 460 Gilmer County youth. The New Deal Sewing Project sponsored by the Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA) and the WPA instituted sewing rooms in Glenville and Sand Fork.

wpa classroom and students gilm


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