Camp Horseshoe YMCA/Camp Lead Mine

Location: Tucker County

The Horseshoe Recreation and Campground Area, as it is known as now, was constructed in 1933 by the CCC just outside of St. George in Tucker County. Getting its name from the nearby Horseshoe Run, the CCC Camp was originally known as Camp Lead Mine, but changed its name when it became a more permanent settlement. When it was known as Camp Lead Mine, the site consisted mainly of tent camps, but by 1937 there was clearly a need to upgrade the facilities and thus the settlement became the Horseshoe Forest Camp. Adjacent to this popular recreation spot, the Monongahela National Forest built the Horseshoe Organizational Camp. Opened in 1940, “Camp Horseshoe”, as it is locally known, was designed specifically for the use of service organizations to provide recreational and outdoor educational opportunities for children and adults. The camp is operated by the YMCA and has been since its opening. The camp is one of only a handful of New Deal organizational camps ever built in the eastern US.

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