Camp Caesar

Location: Webster County

Camp Caesar, a CCC Camp was established beside the Gauley River in the early 1930s. The site was used before that as a local recreation spot and green space for the residents of Webster County. When the CCC took over they constructed cabins throughout the property and also the original portion of the dining hall. 

Notable West Virginia University Extension Agent Harley Chenoweth Burton and his wife Maude lived at the camp with their family from 1931 until 1975. While there they helped to establish forty 4-H Clubs throughout the county. Standing for Head, Heart, Hand and Health, 4-H clubs engage local youth through experiential learning. The 4-H club, established in the late 1800s, came to prominence during the New Deal era while it was being run by the USDA. Chenoweth Burton’s 4-H clubs had approximately 600 members. He was dedicated to the camp and its young people. His grave is on-site and the epitaph reads “a dream you dream is soon wafted away, but a dream you live, lives on and on.”

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